Passatelli in broth by Giulia

Today it is the turn of our dear friend and talented photographer Giulia! We invite you to periodically take a look at new website Giulia is developing and working on:

All pictures by Giulia Bellini!



Hi Giulia, do you want to introduce yourself?

Ok, I try to describe myself in my way. I am:

a mother of 2 wonderful boys,

the wife of a great worker and surf addicted,

a good friend (I try) for those who knows me better,

a photographer since years but still “work-in-progress”.

We live abroad since 2008 and at the moment our home is here in Denmark.

2) Where are you originally from?

I grew up in a small city near Milano. When I was little I was used to ride my bycicle in the fields, chasing frogs and picking up poppies during summer. My origins instead are from Rimini (Italian Middle East Coast), a beautiful seaside city built by Romans where the cooking tradition is still very important.

3) And now, talking about food, what’s your favourite Italian recipe which you use to prepare often and easily?

Actually I don’t have only one recipe but if I have to choose, the Pasta with meat “ragù” is my favourite! Since I have kids I’m also used to prepare the “ragú” using more vegetables than meat, so it’s healthier and less heavy to digest.

4) What product do you miss mostly from Italy?

Since I have been living abroad I miss… everything!

When I go back to Italy I can stay hours in a supermarket enjoying all the delicious products we have! But…a good mozzarella with some slices of prosciutto di parma they are still in my dreams!

Passatelli is a typical dish of the region of my family, Emilia-Romagna, near the border with Marche region. I’m very affectionate to this recipe because it reminds me when I was a little girl watching my grandmother (she is now 93 years old!) preparing fresh pasta on her huge wooden board. She thought me all the secrets of her kitchen and it was a special moment where she was telling me her stories about her life during the war, how she met my grandfather and how it is important to know how to cook to be fully appreciated by a man (this is very typical “Italian style”… a very strong feeling owned by previous generations, but I have to say that.. it’s true! )

It’s easy to prepare Passatelli even if the broth takes time, so if you decide to follow the recipe start to cook the day before.

You need few inexpensive and easy to buy ingredients to prepare this recipe and it really heats up during the danish looooooong winter.

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Prawns and sea bass in a salt crust

Cooking in salt is a simple and healthy way to prepare fish and shellfish, but also meat and vegetables. We will show you how to bake in salt the sea basses and prawns.

Our favorite shellfish baked in salt are the red shrimps, that live in the Ionian Sea and in the South Seas, and they are slightly sweeter than the normal ones.

If you are planning a trip to Apulia – Puglia, don’t miss out testing  the most delicious Gamberi rossi al sale (red shrimps baked in salt) at the Restaurant “La Puritate“, in Gallipoli.

Gallipoli is a small fishing town located by the Ionian sea, on the west coast of the Apulia. The old part, an island connected by a bridge to the mainland, is a medieval village with narrow streets and white buildings, typical of Mediterranean style.

But, in the meantime, try our new tasteful recipe!


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Lady’s Kisses – Baci di Dama

Valentine’s day is approaching… not sure what to get him/her this year?

Instead of buying something, you could try to prepare our Baci di dama (literally Lady’s kisses) to make your beloved one even sweeter.

The link to Valentine’s day is of course the shape, recalling lips ready to shoot a kiss!


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Panna cotta

Panna cotta is an Italian classic, maybe the most popular dessert and well known all over the world. But not everybody knows that it is as popular as easy and quick to make.

I love this dessert and the great thing about panna cotta is that this is the perfect do-ahead dessert. You can make it up to two days ahead and keep them well-covered and chilled.

Panna cotta pairs well with fresh fruit, or with berries sauce (like the one we are going to show you here), or chocolate sauce, or caramel sauce or… as you can imagine the pairing possibilities are endless.


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Eggs with onions

You need only 3 ingredients to make the quick, easy and delicious recipe of the week. Eggs with onions is a peasant dish, very popular in Southern Italy, especially in Apulia (Puglia).

Click here for a nice article about Ostuni – Puglia by Alma Reyes, a writer and editor from Tokyo. She went there and she fell in love with the beautiful place.


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Spaghetti with burrata and roasted cherry tomatoes

Burrata is a delicious fresh Italian cheese composed by mixing mozzarella and cream.
The outer layer is a thin and firm shell of mozzarella, on the other hand the inside is a doughy and tender mixture, called stracciatella, made with fresh cream and mozzarella’s snippets. This cheese was created in the Southern regions of Italy, known for farming and agriculture.

Now the burrata is easily sourced in many cities outside Italy; in Copenhagen you will find it at Eataly store or made by La treccia.


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Lactose free cake

This delicious cake, totally lactose free, is perfect not only for those who can’t tolerate lactose but even for those who wants to start a diet after the excesses of the holiday season, without giving up something sweet.

Try it and you’ll be surprised by this light and soft cake!



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