Zucchini cream with clams

For those of you who can read in Danish, browse the last issue of Si-Italia Magasin and find out the following recipe, among many other interesting articles about Italy. For the  English speakers, keep on reading the following recipe… but take a sneak peak at the magazine, it’s worth it!


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Zucchini, red onion and cherry tomato salad

This zucchini salad is an extremely healthy and refreshing dish during a hot summer, not to mention the ease in preparing it.

During our weekly visit at Ca’ Cucina (www.ca-cucina.dk)  we got the chance to buy fresh and crunchy zucchini, which is a prerequisite for obtaining a good result.



You have to visit Ca’ Cucina’s new shop (Rebekkavej 49, 2900 Hellerup) and choose crunchy small zucchini or any other fresh vegetables. Davide and Diego will be pleased to suggest!

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CA’ CUCINA: Flavours of Italy in Hellerup, Denmark

Ca’ Cucina: flavours of Italy in Rebekkavej 49, Hellerup 2900 (ca-cucina.dk), Copenhagen.


CA’ CUCINA is not only an Italian restaurant in Hellerup. It’s one of the best places for dining out in Copenhagen when we want to eat simple, authentic and traditional Italian food in a charming way, accompanied by excellent wine.

In those evenings when we arrive exhausted at home with starving children, they rescue our life with abundant and delectable take away food.

Ca’ Catering & Events brings the Italian atmosphere at your place when you need to organise a special event and surprise your guest with delectable food.

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Mushroom risotto

Our Italian friend Silvia from New Zealand (very far from us! 🙂 ) sent us her version of mushroom risotto.

But first of all let’s go meet her.

Do you want to introduce yourself?
My name is Silvia Canessa and I am 43. I have 2 boys Riccardo 12 and Lorenzo 10 and a black labrador Maia. We moved to Wellington, New Zealand, 8 years ago. I am originally from Livorno, Toscana.

What’s your favourite Italian recipe which you use to prepare often and easily?

My favourite recipe is Cacciucco, but I can’t do it here because I can’t find the ingredients.
What I cook very often is the mushroom risotto because here it is very easy to find fresh mushrooms.

(The Cacciucco is a traditional fish stew associated with the two seaside towns Livorno and Viareggio – Tuscany. This poor but delicious and tasty dish, is made with a wide variety of Mediterranean fish such as shellfish, scorpionfish, small clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari. cuttlefish, octopus, bream, mullet. According to tradition, to prepare a good Cacciucco you should have at least five different types of fish, one for each letter c in cacciucco.
The best restaurants where you can taste this dish are Trattoria 11 – Livorno  and Ristorante Conti Montenero – Livorno.)

What product do you miss mostly from Italy?

I miss the mozzarella, you can buy it here but it’s extremely expensive and not so tasty and fresh as the Italian one.


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Roasted tomato soup with burrata

This quick homemade tomato soup is a perfect summertime dish, especially if you happen to find ripe and juicy tomatoes (like the Italian ones :-)). The soup it’s equally good hot or chilled. And if you want to give your dish a taste of Italy add slices of Burrata.


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Biancomangiare with mango coulis

The name of the following recipe, Biancomangiare, derives from the colour of its main ingredients which are white (Bianco in Italian).  There are many variants of this recipe, here you will find the Mad and Delicacy version, where we added another white ingredient, the marzipan.

DSC_0219 copy

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Affogato al caffè

Affogato al caffè is a refreshing and quick dessert to be served to your friends during a hot summer.  The only suggestion we want to give you for a perfect result is to prepare an Italian espresso coffee, either with a moka pot or with an espresso machine.



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